Where Healthcare and Technology Meet: Mastering the Art of Medical Geofencing

With the innovative use of medical geofencing marketing, it seems that the marketing industry has finally caught up to the precise game in the healthcare industry. Get ready to be surprised by the medical equivalent of receiving a notice from your favorite retailer while you’re just a few feet away. Just picture yourself passing past your neighborhood clinic when you get a text message reading, “Flu shot available, step in and armor up!” What a wonderful combination of location-based marketing and medical treatment medical geofencing provides.

The days of blindly posting ads on billboards and sending out thousands of emails in a single shot no longer apply. With medical geofencing, you may send particular instructions to devices located within a defined virtual boundary. It’s as if the doctors at your clinic were whispering health advice in your ear. Don’t worry, however; this technology is permission-based and users must opt-in to get location services, so it’s not quite as invasive as a nosy neighbor.

What happens afterward in actual practice? Let’s say you’re out for your evening jog as normal when you get the following alert: “Hey, runner! We see that you’ve been out there walking a lot. Why don’t we go into the health facility around the corner and get our levels checked? You might think of it as your own personal health assistant who understands just when to provide advice. This strange confluence between health awareness and advanced technology is hard to resist.

When every second counts, medical geofencing is there to close the gap between hectic schedules and lifesaving treatment. It’s a friendly reminder to take care of yourself in the here and now, rather than putting off health care until tomorrow. Your health is literally waving hello from around the block the next time you receive a notice from your neighborhood clinic.